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Update V0.4.0 - Seven Cities

Hello Outsiders,

Here's another regular update that adds several stuffs to continiously improve the game.

This update is mainly focused on the Coreloop gameplay.


  • Shop System

  • Player can attribute points when level up

  • Loot label display

  • Crafting System (WIP)

  • More lootable items

  • New objectives on map

  • New skills available

  • Added Sound Design and Audio Feedback


  • Mouse direction for shooting

  • User Interface improvements

  • Minimap indications

  • Weapons statistics and balancing

  • VFX Effects

  • Enhanced gamefeel's dynamism

  • Enemies behavior

Roadmap :

New content every two weeks. We will pick five different players to test the game in private release which will allow us to focus our work on priority and fix biggest issues and gameplay mistakes. After two privates releases we will release a new public version available for all players on our Discord. That means every month, a new release will be deployed with new features and new content.

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