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When Diablo meet The Division

Seven Cities is an Diablo-like which takes place in an urban contemporary universes. A New York of anticipation.

You play as an Outsider along with a robotic companion. Both will evolve through many intensive fights to seek the 7 CEROM's.


The 3 pillars of seven cities

Through the completion of quests and battles the player will level up.

These attacks such as large, turrets, boost offer a variety of gameplay to the player in addition to the choice of his two weapons.

Some levels unlock special attacks that the player can use.


It is by shooting his weapons and using his special attacks that the player and his companion will unlock points to spend in a skilltree.

These spent points reinforce and reward the player's choice of gameplay. If he prefers to shoot with his weapons or use his skills or his companion's skills, then he will be better with them.


Throughout the seven cities, the player will find robot pieces. Assembled together, this allows to unlock and activate new shapes, eight in total.

Each of these shapes allows access to other special attacks linked to a specific shape of the robot.


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